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Samuel Congdon Northup was born 13 Oct 1855 in N. Kingston, R.I., the child of George Washington Northup and Mary Taylor Gardiner . He married Eliza Hazard on 26 Sep 1886. Eliza was born abt 1865.

Samuel Congdon Northup died on 25 Feb 1942.

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Samuel Congdon Northup Family

Children of Samuel Congdon and Eliza (Hazard) Northup

Bessie Brown Northup B. 8 Jul 1888; N. Kingston, R.I. M. ?? D. 5 Jan 1900
Beatrice Northup B. 7 Dec 1889; N. Kingston, R.I. M. David GRAY; 12 Jun 1912 D. 10 Aug 1960